how to care

All our pieces are handmade using 100% hand-dyed cotton yarn. Due to this nature, please note that items are not all exactly the same, and you may find a small ‘knot’ or two on your bag, representing the end of a piece of yarn (crocheters out there - if you know you know!).

Whilst your piece will not need to be laundered frequently - it is important to know that it can be cleaned. Due to the natural fibres, the bag will slightly stretch if the contents is heavy - re-shrinking the item can happen in the drying process. Please note the following steps to cleaning your piece.

*please note: the heavier the contents, the more your crochet piece will drop. This also refers to dance floor visits (recommended, but please take care)

Option 1 - Dry-clean. Discuss with your local drycleaner the most effective way to treat your 100% cotton piece. Yarn will not leak colour.

Option 2 - Hand-wash. Fill a basin with cold water and add a natural wool-wash detergent. Gently swish crochet item in the soapy water - do not wring or scrub. Rinse in cold water and repeat this process until the item is free of soap. Gently squeeze remaining water and lay flat on a towel to dry, flipping half way through drying process.

Option 3 - Machine wash. Using a natural wool-wash detergent, machine-wash the item on a gentle cycle. Place into a laundry bag, and place in the dryer until just dry.